Our name has a martial ring to it. And that is intentional: HeadHackers offers a strategic motivation-based brand and innovation consulting. We link directly into the the minds and hearts of people. We develop strategies based on the levers we find. Wiebke Sokolowski and Béa Beste have over 30 years of experience in asking questions, taking on all the answers and thinking into the future. They have been running Headhackers since 2011 – based on 10 years in strategy consulting at the Boston Consulting Group and 10 years practice in strategic agency planning and marketing.

We are

Wiebke Sokolowski and Béa Beste have been a great team since 1991, as they studied social and business communication at the University of Fine Arts. Then they worked in strategic planning on the agency side, in marketing on the corporate side and as strategy consultants at the Boston Consulting Group. What makes them stand out – apart from more than 30 years of experience – is the ability to “hack” brands and people and to bridge the gap between empathy and strategy.

We work

We have always been interested in why people like to speak differently from how they act. And why motivations are so hard to express in words. We were lucky enough to stumble upon the lecture “The Truffle Pig Method” at university back in 1991. The lecture led us on the path of drilling emotionally deep and flying intellectually high. We use creative methods rooted in in-depth-psychology. Our USP is bringing together strategy consulting and market research at board level. This we do using focus groups, interviews, design thinking and co-creation. We explore with our clients what “really matters”, both in real life and in digital worlds.

Our clients are

Thanks to our long-standing connection with the Boston Consulting Group and our specialized expertise, we frequently advise large companies across a range of industries. We have helped many market-leading brands and launched many successful innovations. We also have a lot of experience with medium-sized companies and start-ups. Our topics come from a diverse range: From media to banks. Jewelry to transport. Food to insurance. Football clubs to political parties. And autonomously flying helicopters to the educational platforms of tomorrow.ühbirne-1-e1560870569768.png

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Our expertise are all questions that require curiosity, fearlessness, insight and future thinking. Our favourite topic is “branding” in all its varieties: Where is brand potential? Does the brand strategy work? Does the brand positioning fit? What’s up with corporate brand, product brand, employer brand or retail brand? What about brand portfolio and brand architecture? Which innovation has the most potential? How can we bring it all together in an intelligent ONE-branding strategy?


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